Sarahwear - C-21774 9.2oz Denim High Waist Skirt

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The Sarahwear C-21774 Denim High Waist Skirt is crafted from 9.2oz denim for a firm and strong texture. It features a beautiful trapezoidal silhouette with a high waist that fits snugly to the hips. This skirt also has a retro front button that comes off on only one side. The indigo dye may cause the skirt to transfer or fade when washed, so please wash separately. To reduce discoloration, apply light evenly to the skirt rather than in patches.


Fabric: Cotton 100%

Size: 1
Waist (upper end): 67 cm
Waist line: 72 cm
Hip switch: 96 cm
Length: 76.5 cm
Bottom width: 79 cm

Size: 2
Waist (upper end): 72 cm
Waist line: 76 cm
Hips Switching: 101 cm
Length: 79 cm
Bottom width: 81.5 cm

Size: 3
Waist (top): 75 cm
Waistline: 80 cm
Hip switch: 104 cm
Length: 81 cm

Hem width: 83 cm

Color: (740) Indigo
Made in Japan
Model Height: 160 cm / Size 2