Otherland - Velvet Persimmon

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The scents of juicy persimmon, velvety leaves, and mulled cider mix together to create Velvet Persimmon.

Scent Notes: Juicy Persimmon, Velvety Leaves, Mulled Cider Burn Time: Approximately 55 hours Light up any atmosphere with the warmth of Velvet Persimmon. Its delightful scent of juicy persimmon, velvety leaves, and mulled cider creates a cozy mood you can experience over and over again since it burns up to 55 hours. Let it fill your home with inviting vibes!

If you’d like to reuse your candle jar, put it in the freezer for a few hours. When you pull it out, the remaining wax will pop right out.


Abigail Cook Stone started out as an art buyer for Ralph Lauren, and after traveling the world in search of treasures to adorn the brand’s stores and restaurants, she decided it was time to launch her own new venture. Abigail earned her MBA and hatched the idea for Otherland, which brings the energy of art, design, and fragrance to every moment at home.