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Railcar Fine Goods - Drifter Indigo Stretch Medium High Waist Straight Leg

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Introducing the new women's Drifter fit. We designed and patterned this fit from the ground up using denim from Isko Mills. The concept of the fit was to make a fit that could be worn with versatility. It can be dressed up, dressed down, stacked, cropped, cuffed, or flush. The fabric we chose is an 11 ounce deep indigo stretch from Isko Mills that will age beautifully. We opt to use a long 6 inch zipper to make putting on and taking off the jeans easy. Ready to wear and requires no break in time. Waistband gapping is not an issue with our new fit geometry as proven in our development and testing procedures.  Due to the left in the raw off the roll denim, you should expect one inch of length shrinkage and very little waist shrinkage after first wash or soak.

Made in LA