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Madison + Green - "Need Sleep" - Aromatherapy Body Oil

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Soothing, stress-relieving body oil with organic essential oils that is designed to be used before bed. Calming and relaxing. The aroma of essential oil blend is therapeutic, while the oil is nourishing to the skin. *Helps reduce stress related to anxiety and fall asleep sooner. *Key notes: Lavender, sweet marjoram, geranium *Oil ingredients: Organic essential oils, organic apricot kernel, almond oil, organic argan oil. *The spices/flowers/herbs floating in the oil are inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, and the essential oil blend is inspired by medicinal French aromatherapy. Regular size: 60ml / 2oz Traveler size: 15ml / 0.5oz We highly recommend ordering a tester with every style ordered. Essential Oil blend formulated by a clinical aromatherapist. Made in USA. Cruelty-free. Women-Owned. Family-owned.