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Kara Yoo - Michelle Hoops Pearl

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Hoop earrings with creamy freshwater pearls. -Dimensions: Hoop Height: 2.2 cm Hoop Width: 2.5 cm Pearl Width: 5.2 mm - Materials: Sterling silver. Freshwater pearls Crafted with the finest materials, these earrings are designed to last, providing you with a timeless, luxe look.


Freshwater cultured pearls are genuine pearls that are farmed using freshwater mussels. We source our pearls directly from pearl farmers in the Zhejiang province of China.

Oyster farms are extremely beneficial to their ecosystem as they filter the water, removing heavy metals and nitrogen and allowing for diverse animal and plant life to flourish. They also incentivize waterways to be kept clean and healthy, as oyster and pearl growth is significantly slowed in dirty or polluted waters.


Store your pearl jewelry seprately from other pieces to avoid friction and maintain their lustre and shine. It's best to keep your pearl pieces in a soft pouch or jewelry box. Avoid perfumes, lotions and contact with water if possible, otherwise put on your pearl pieces after applying product.

To give your pearls an extra good clean, you can mix 1 cup of warm water with a few drops of shampoo (as this is milder than other soaps) and use a makeup brush (softer bristles than a toothbrush) to clean each pearl. Use a damp cloth to wipe each pearl and leave your piece to dry on a soft cloth.