Sarahwear - C-4244 9.2oz Denim Jumper Skirt

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Weighing just 9.2oz, Sarahwear's C-4244

The C-4244 9.2oz Denim Jumper Skirt is perfect for all seasons with its lightweight and durable design. Featuring painter pockets on both sides and a soft, washed finish, it offers a stylish and versatile look. The fabric is thicker than standard denim, ensuring it can withstand friction and wetness without fading or discoloration. For best results, avoid exposing the skirt to strong artificial light.

Fabric: Cotton 100%

Size: One Size

Width: 108 cm
Length: 117 cm (not including center back and shoulder straps)
Hem width: 74 cm
Color: (740) Indigo
Made in Japan
Model Height: 160cm